These are the current deals for BENQQ.NET

Personal or Business Custom Art Magnets

Half Off all orders up to 25 Art Magnets to anyone who emails us a article headline or video title from or One order per customer.  Write "article" in the order firm CODE box. Once you complete your order through the order form, we will email you the total with payment instructions.

Go to You will see the home page (below). Start at the "Your Design Options" link. Look around the site. See your options--what Custom Art Magnets are and the many ways you can use them. 

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image of my art magnets home page 


Order thru the order form.

Remember, to take advantage of this offer, write "BENQQ" in the CODE box.

You can either order for personal use or business. 

Once you complete the order and send it back, we will email you with your half-off price(s).

The small print: there is a volume limit related to this offer. We also reserve the right to refuse certain types of illegal or offensive orders.