President Trump and his close Friend

We’ve all heard it. President Donald Trump received a letter, a “warm” letter, from his friend Great Leader Kim Il Sung. Trump didn’t release it, as no one would do from a “close friend,” but responded with lavish embellishments, perhaps even affection, to the Great Leader. If a visitor from Orion heard and understood his words, you might think two great equal distant powers were extending their arms in embrace, close embrace.

The truth is, of course, Trump is being a CEO and trying to get his goal of denuclearing of North Korea at the lowest possible cost. Trump is simple. He approaches things not in an academic way, but a CEO way. This is what none of the Dems and their media get. They were always thrilled with empty feel good policies of Obama that had little results in the homeland.

Yeah, when you here Trump talk about his “good friend” who sent him a “warm” letter, go ahead and cringe. We all know who his good friend is: a megalomaniac absolute dictator who not only murders and imprisons even his staff but who will send missiles to South Korea and Japan if we are to believe his threats.

Yeah, go ahead and cringe.